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Christopher Peacock Kitchens offers kitchen cabinetry, kitchen counter stools, dining chairs, all in custom design. Not only that, now the company is also offering a dressing room, free-standing furniture, contemporary hardware and custom bath design. Peacock also offers high-quality paint, durable with stunning color depth. The paint collection is available in 90 color choices. Peacock’s paint has met the standards of environmental sustainability and of course met the standards for environmental design. For kitchen, Peacock offers a private collection kitchen design, which is guaranteed to make your kitchen look more luxurious and custom. If the client buys, the kitchen part will be sent to the client’s home. Then, the kitchen’s part will be assembled in the kitchen room.

Christopher Peacock Kitchens Cost

Of course you want to know the cost that you have to spend to buy a Christopher Peacock Kitchens. Maybe this is expensive for some of you, $45K for kitchen cabinetry products from the latest collection of Christopher Peacock. Indeed, it’s a high-quality product with modern style touch, contemporary and also in traditional style. All cabinetry is offered in lots of new interior options, including: new wood, stain, and paint colors. In fact, Mr. Peacock stated that if you want a special kitchen collection with this specification: detailed kitchen with heirloom-quality space, high quality woods, silver knobs, kitchen appliances and marble countertops, then he recommends the kitchen budget of about $185 K. Just want to say “what a fantastic price for a kitchen”. Indeed, the price for a private kitchen collections are higher than ordinary kitchen, an estimated price is 25-30% more expensive. Christopher Peacock Kitchens is located at 2 Dearfield Drive, Greenwich, CT 06830, USA. If you want a custom kitchen and cabinetry, you can contact him via email at or via phone at (203) 862-9333.

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