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accent pendant lamp by cerno

Cerno lighting offers an optimum performance light product, prioritizing efficiency in high quality and innovative modern lighting design at an affordable price. Cerno equip each of its products with energy-saving LED technology, some of them combine with natural materials to enhance the visual appearance. The materials used include solid walnut, linen and aluminum to create a modern eco-friendly lights. Each Cerno lighting products are made with a combination of technology, expertise, skill and art. Hand skills inherent in any cerno light products, at the assembly step are done carefully and meticulously. Cerno worked by create the best products as a professional company focusing on high quality lighting products.

Cerno Ligthting Price List

Cerno offers many lighting products including art lighting, table light, accent pendant, linear pendant, pendant, floor, sconce-bed side, and sconces. Cerno art lighting offered is revelite AL lamp and for the price, you can contact cerno lighting via for potential buyers in North American and for international potential buyers. Cerno light table includes six products are offered from $265 to $1,440. Cerno accent pendant is available in 5 products are offered from $225 to $382. Cerno linear pendant is also available in five products including a new product. Linear pendant is for sale at price range of $491 to $2,430. Cerno pendant light is available in four products marketed from $526.50 to $2,880 for high end products “Muto LED Pendant Light”. Cerno floor light available in four products, all for sale start at $868.50 up to $4,950 for the top product “Valeo LED Floor Lamp”. Cerno sconce-bed side light available in two product: cubo and levo. Each product is offered at a price of $535.50 and $450. And the last Cerno’s offered products is sconces light, available in 3 pieces of product: Acuo, Libri and Oris. Each is for sale at $360, $450 and $270. For the best prices and discounts info, you can ask to Cerno light via for North American potential buyers.

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