Cathedral Ceiling Recessed Lighting

cathedral ceiling recessed lighting design

Recessed Lighting will create cathedral ceiling cleaner blends with the ceiling and do not make a mess the ceiling decoration. Recessed lighting fixtures are designed blend with the ceiling and the effect can be adjusted. Lighting effects are available based on the selection of lighting design that has specific specifications. The recessed lighting effects including: task lighting effect, accent lighting effect, ambient lighting effect, and wall-washing effect. Task lighting is one of the recessed light effects set to provide effective light for a variety of purposes, including: kitchen lighting, home office, bathroom and others. Accent lighting effect is designed to provide light on various artworks. Ambient lighting effects provide overall general light into the room for a variety of everyday activities. Wall-washing effect obtained from lighting mounted on the wall that will make the room feel more spacious. Recessed Lighting does not include decorative lighting. However, it is more focused on the primary function as a specialized lighting for cathedral or vaulted ceiling design. Cathedral ceiling design more match when fitted with sloped recessed lighting. This lamp has been designed in accordance with the slope of the cathedral ceiling. You can also choose recessed light trim which the lamp’s corners can be adjusted according to the illumination target. This is the right choice of lighting for various activities in the room like working, reading a book or other activities around the table.

Cathedral Ceiling Recessed Lighting Price

Recessed lighting price is not as expensive as decorative lights, pendant light or chandeliers. The light design is also varied, including: sloped recessed lighting, wall wash trim, remodel cans, trims, low voltage recessed lighting and others. Each has various kinds of products and offered at affordable prices. You can have it with prices starting at $16 up to $215. For a room, you need at least 4, 6 or 8 pieces recessed light, adjust as needed. You can buy it online via delmarfans, pegasuslighting or some other lighting suppliers.

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