Building Brick Paver Patio

build brick pavers patio using concrete

Building brick paver patio has to pay attention to the house yard condition, whether flat or sloping yard. We know that not all house have a flat yard, it means that some may have a slope yard so that the building brick paver patio need a specific construction. For a flat yard, brick paver patio construction does not require special handling. Maybe you want to build a higher terrace with retaining wall for brick pavers edging in order to give an obvious look. You can also design it as high as the grass in the yard, or even lower. Building brick paver patio on slope requires special treatment, but we believe you can do it yourself by looking at some brick paver patio design ideas picture. You just need to design and make a steps construction with various creative steps style and pattern to build a brick paver patio in slope yard.

Brick Paver Patio Installation and Total Cost for 2015

Firstly, you should make a note about the needed material to build a paver patio. What is it? You need sand, gravel, number of brick, and edging material. In addition, you also have to consider the installation cost, especially if your brick paver patio project done by the contractor entirely. Maybe you are too busy and instead you have to pay a few extra installation costs. However, if you can install it yourself, it will obviously save your paver patio installation budget. But, if you want to install it yourself then you may need a guide. Well, after you record the material that you need, then buy the material immediately. We hope you already have the installation equipment, such as: Hand Tamper, Rubber Mallet, Masonry Saw or Brick Splitter, Shovel, Skid Steer, Garden Hose, Mechanical Plate Compactor and some other equipment. It will make your work easier and perfect in result.

If you do not have it all, you do not have to worry because it’s all offered by each contractor (brick paver patio equipment allowance) with very little extra cost. If you install it yourself, then the installation process can still be done because basically the installation is very easy and can be done with a variety of alternatives equipment that may be available in your home. First steps, you have to prepare the area to be installed as a patio. The patio area should not in geometric form, but you can make custom brick paver patio designs. After determining the area (the design), you have to dig as deep as approximately 8 inches. Then, flatten an excavated area and spread the gravel evenly throughout the excavation area. You need a power tamper to tamp the gravel to the excavated soil surface.

Next, install edging precisely because it is retaining brick pavers to not dislodge. For that you have to dig deeper for retaining wall brick edging or you can install others edging material with nails (hammered into the ground) as the anchoring strength. The edging materials include: wood edging, plastic edging and metal edging. After that, spread the sands above the gravel at approximately 1 inch in depth, do it with a rake. After the sand is spread evenly, start installing brick pavers with a rubber mallet. At this stage, you may need brick splitter to cut the brick pavers. For the style, there are available various brick patterns installation, choose your favorite style.

Last, spreads the thin sand over the brick paver patio. Do it smoothly with a push broom to incorporate sand into narrow crevices of brick pavers. For maximum results, you can use the fine water spray to ensure the sand entered into the cracks of the pavers until fully charged. For the cost, it depends on the area of building brick paver patio plans, brick material, edging material and installation costs. For 2015, the cost to build brick paver patio is range between $10.42 up to $12.43 per square foot. These costs include: brick paver patio cost (brick number in sq. ft.), brick paver patio labor (labor cost for the installation process), brick paver patio job materials and supplies (like cutting brick), and brick paver patio equipment allowance (specific equipment for installation).

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