Breakfast Nook Table Ideas

breakfast nook table ideas and bench set

Breakfast nook table ideas are very much available in variety of styles and inspiring designs for kitchen, balcony and close the window. Nook table is designed to take advantage of limited space such as a kitchen corner, near a window or balcony functioned as a place for breakfast. This kind table is a mini dining table with simple chairs made of wood materials, glass and metal. If you have a free corner in the kitchen, free space in a balcony or window, why not try to take advantage of the free space for a breakfast nook table place. It will provide a place for you when eating breakfast. Obviously it’s very functional for 2 to 4 people. In addition, the nook table can also be an interesting feature in the kitchen room if equipped with the decor. There are many breakfast nook table decoration ideas. We collected some nook table decorating ideas that may give and inspiration for you and as a whole can make the kitchen more attractive and functional. Then, how much should you spend the money to buy a breakfast nook table? The price is very affordable. Usually, nook table is offered per set: the nook table and some chairs. One breakfast wood nook table set on sale from $199.99. Leather-wrapped chairs with wood nook table sold for $1.095. Some breakfast nook table products is sold between $1,399.99 to $2,399.99 per set breakfast nook table, and there may be more costly.

Breakfast Nook Table Design

Basically nook table has a design like common dining table, just in mini size for kitchen corner. However, now there are many creative nook table designs, decorative and elegant. The form was very varied, including: triangle, oval, round with inspiring table decoration. Before buying a breakfast nook table set, you should consider the size of the free corner of the kitchen, free space in balcony and other corner part that will be functioned as a breakfast nook table. It also determines the selections of a suitable nook table designs according to the space. If you have a narrow kitchen corner, a triangular table space kitchen can save the more space for chairs. Obviously, large kitchen can be equipped with more varied nook table designs and more spacious for up to 4 people. It will provide comfort when you’re enjoying breakfast, especially if the nook table near a window or balcony. It had two advantages for you, enjoy the breakfast while enjoying the outdoor scenery as well as the morning air. Finally, you have functional and comfortable breakfast nook table to enjoy a cup of coffee or breakfast in the morning.

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