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Bover lighting offer high quality lamps, manufactured by experts and designers that make each product have unique detail, stylish and innovative. Bover designed the lamps in many styles for indoor and outdoor use. Lighting styles offered include contemporary light, modern lighting and some products internalize an elegant rustic design touches. Bover lighting products are very inspiring, especially in design and innovation terms. It is natural, because every product is made with a hand touch, high technique and patience to create the product details really innovative and intelligent. It results high quality lighting products for indoor and outdoor. 

Indoor lighting offered includes floor lamps, pendant lamps, desk lamp and wall lights and ceiling. Floor lamps available in 22 pieces of products, including: Amphora, Carlota Pie, Club-P, Danona Pie, Ema Pie, Pie Ferrara and others. Pedant Lamp offered in 66 pieces of products including some new products. Bover’s pedant lamp including: Cala Suspension, Club-S, Danona 1 Luz, Elea 02 Suspension, Elipse, Extensible, Fora, Hardy, May, Maxi, Mar, Mos, Slend, Techno, Twins, Urban Suspension and some variants products. Desk lamp is available in 27 products, including: Carlota Escritorio, Club-T, Danona Mesa, Danona Mini, Ema, Ferrara, Fora Mesa, and others. Wall and ceiling lights offered in 68 products, including 4 pieces of new products: Alba-01, Alba-02, 150 Siam and Urban 90 Plafon. Currently, BOVER Inc. has branches in more than 60 countries across the continent. In the United States, Bover company branch located in Atlanta, GA, USA. So, you can get Bover lighting for indoor outdoor quickly and easily.

Bover Lighting Price List

Bover Lighting’s products are available in a lot of variants. There are at least 201 total Bover’s lighting products. Indoor lighting is offered in 183 pieces of products options. Indoor lighting includes: floor lamps, desk lamps, pedant lamps and wall lights also ceiling. Floor lamps are offered with a price range $971 to $3,984. Desk lamps marketed with prices starting at $379 up to $3,068. Pedant lamps start at $454 up to $5,646 for the top product. Wall lights and ceiling offered at prices ranging from $258 to $7,417. Remembering that Bover Inc. continues to innovate to create new product, there may be some more expensive bover’s lights. While Bover’s outdoor lamps are available in 18 product starting at $1,678 up to $3,984 for the high end product. To have these lights, you can buy it online through ylighting or order to the company’s branch in Atlanta via or call this number +1 (404) 924 2342.

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