Board And Batten Siding

board and batten siding advantages

Board and batten siding is one way to maintain your house visual appearance stays clean, fresh and made durable your home walls. Although it is a traditional style, but we still can take advantage of this application. In fact, the board and batten systems will make your home more valuable at with an affordable cost. Indeed, there are some board and batten siding materials are expensive, depending on the wood type. Then, the exterior of your house has aesthetic value as an investment if you want to sell it in the future. Durable, maybe you will think that the wood susceptible to mold, obsolete due to rain splash, damaged by termites, but you do not need to worry. There are many anti-fungal or anti-termite chemicals, with the right application it can create durable siding, and even up to 30 years. Now, you might ask how much should I spend on board and batten siding application in your home. Here we give an example of calculating the board and batten siding cost.

Board and Batten Siding Cost

If you are interested in applying board and batten siding system, of course you have to know the estimated cost that you will spend. First, you must know the exterior wall surface area to be coated with this system. The surface area of ​​your wall will show the material need you should buy. Second, you should consider the workers cost. Maybe you cannot do it alone, even though you already know how to install. If you hire employees, consider worker expertise because it affects the cost. Worker skills such as: Handyman (unlicensed), Vendor Supplied, A Licensed and Bonded Contractor, and Designer. Sure, Designer has the most expensive rates because they are experts in the field. In addition, labor costs are also influenced by the home footprints. Third, you should consider the cost of supplies and tools (installation equipment). Board And Batten Siding materials are offered with the price range $3.25 to $4.30 per square foot. This price can also differ depending on the material grade: discount or closeout, builder basic, premium or designer sourced. Designer sourced material grade has the highest price. Here is one example of board and batten siding estimated cost. For example, you need material for exterior area of ​​523 sq. ft. with an estimated cost range of $1,696 to $2,248. The installation cost by workers for more than 8 hours range from $278 to $360. The estimated costs for supplies and tools range from $183 to $212. The total cost estimates that should you spend on board and batten siding your exterior wall surface is range from $2,158 up to $2,820. These costs are very affordable and will certainly make your exterior home walls are protected. We collect some pictures of board and batten siding home application. Maybe you will get inspiration from one of the images in the gallery below.

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