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Bo Concept armchair furniture

Bo Concept offers high quality modern furniture for all of home furniture, indoor and outdoor furniture. Bo Concept furniture is based in the UK with global market. Actually, they are not only offers furniture but also accessories including lamps, rugs and cushion. For furniture, they offer furniture for almost all parts of the interior of the house: living room, dining room, hallway, bed rooms, home office, storing and some outdoor furniture. Living room furniture includes: Sofas also accessories, Armchairs, Coffee tables, Footstools and sofa sleepers. Dining room furniture offered by Bo Concept include: Dining tables, Dining chairs, Bar tables, Bar stools, Sideboards, Console tables and Extendable dining tables. Hallway’s furniture comes with some accessories including mirrors and some others. Bedroom furniture includes many products which offer all the sleeping facilities, not limited to bed. Sleep furniture includes: Sofa sleepers, Mattresses, bedspreads, Night stands, Duvets and Pillows, Wardrobes and Chests of drawers. Home office furniture including: Desks, Chairs and other office accessories. Storing furniture includes: Wall storing systems, Chests of drawers, Sideboards, Room dividers, media units, Shelves and bookcases. Bo Concept also offers outdoor furniture, including: Stackable wicker chairs and a round table.

Bo Concept Furniture Prices

We simply provide a price range for every Bo Concept’s home interior furniture. Living room furniture is offered with a price range from £94 for the living room accessories, up to £8,934 for the best sofa. Dining room furniture marketed from £149 to £2,495. Hallway furniture for sale with prices starts at £39 for the accessories, up to £895 for Hallway furniture. Bedrooms furniture and fixtures marketed with prices starting at £79 up to £4,295. Home office furniture and accessories are offered with prices starting at £19 (Pen Holder) to £1,295 for the high end desk and chairs. Storing furniture and accessories marketed with prices starting at £109 (shelves & bookcases) to £5,290 (for a top wall storage system product). Outdoor furniture is offered with prices starting at £179 up to £1,395.

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