Bluestone Fireplace

blue stone fireplace ideas

Bluestone is solid material, a natural stone with special pattern and also easy in maintenance. It’s right choice as material to build a fireplace inside the house. Moreover, now fireplace not only as warmth source inside the house. However, the beauty of the material and design of the fireplace becomes a means to beautify house interior. Bluestone is right stone option to be used as the interior fireplace material, because of the neutral appearance and support the interior style. Then, then, what if you want to build it? It’s simple. If you want to build a Bluestone hearth, then there are several steps you should do. First, you have to determine the size or dimensions of the fireplace, whether from the floor up to the ceiling or floor to mantel? The width and depth should you specify. Next, you should calculate how much Bluestone you need to build a fireplace in accordance with the size. Fireplace design is related to fireplace size.

Generally fireplace design is a rectangular box, vertical. But you can also design fireplace yourself, add a unique style even artistic according to your creativity and also the home style. You also can consult it with your contractor and collaborate in designing the fireplace can result the best bluestone fireplace. However, you should consider because it may increase the cost of installation and also the other things that affect the cost include: fireplace design, bluestone’s thickness, and stone coursing artistic pattern. We collect some bluestone fireplace images that may inspire you. So consider carefully before starting your bluestone fireplace project.

Blue Stone Fireplace Ideas and Price Details

Bluestone Fireplace units sold at prices varying between $1,990 to over $2,300, it’s for the outdoor fireplace. For the interior fireplace, you have to build it and would need a bluestone material and installer. The ​​bluestone prices vary depending on the area, the company and the quality of bluestone: standard, good and the best bluestone quality. Bluestone standard priced at $10.50 per sq. ft., a good bluestone quality sell for $11.35 per sq. ft. and the best bluestone sold for $12.40 per sq. ft. This price includes the installation cost. How many sq. ft. bluestone should you buy? It depends on the size of the fireplace that you will be built up. The average cost to build a bluestone fireplace around $5,000, it has included the bluestone, supplies, tools and installation costs. Installer is needed remembering the bluestone difficult to handle and thick so it requires special tools to cut according to the right size. Moreover, the addition of features such as: gas insert, gas logs or decorative, heat circulating grilles will add to the cost. But you will get the best results, cover design, best placement in accordance with the style of your home interior.

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