Bianco Antico Granite

bianco antico granite backsplash ideas

Bianco Antico Granite offers the power of natural stone with various shades, unique patterns and color combinations of white, gray, and pink. It was so wonderful to be applied as one of the house element, both interior also exterior. Especially with polished finish that makes it shiny and neutralizing shades. Of course not only for the residential, granite can also be applied to commercial buildings and others. Bianco Antico granite’s interior applications include: flooring, countertops, wall cladding or for kitchen backsplash. Granite is strong enough with a thickness of 2 cm for floor and available 3cm thickness. Granite is also resistant to extreme weather. It recommended to be applied as landscaping material for the house exterior in freezing climates area.

Bianco Antico Granite Price

Bianco Antico Granite is a natural stone from Brazil. Price depends on some factors. At least three factors which determine the total cost that should you spend. First, the money you spend to buy a granite slab, it depends on the thickness and number of granite (in sq. ft.). The thickness of the granite is not too significance affects the price, the 3cm granite thickness only 10% more expensive than 2cm granite. Then, you also have to pay for fabrication, include: granite slab cutting (according to the desired design), forming, finishing the edges and make the piece sink (depend on granite application). Finally, you have to pay for installation service. This is important, considering granite is an expensive material for kitchen countertops then installation should also be extra careful and only performed by experienced granite experts. Usually they determine the installation price per square foot (sq. ft.). The total cost for Bianco Antico Granite with 3cm thickness range from $50 to $72 per square foot. Prices also depend on your area and home contractors. For kitchen countertops you need at least 55 sq. ft. with an estimated cost of $3,975.

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