Basement Finished Ideas On A Budget

basement finished ideas on a budget with bars

When you have nearly finished renovate or redesign your basement, then the last step is the basement finishing. At this step your renovation budget may be reduced. So you must really careful in maintaining your basement style and facility dreams come true and still within reach finish budget. There are several things you should consider in basement finishing step: the selection of flooring, basement ceiling, wall paint, basement decoration, and furniture depending on the basement rooms type.

For the floor, if you install wood flooring, laminate hardwood is one of the best options for basement floor finish. Laminate hardwood flooring is clean, durable and comfortable on your feet. The installation process is also simple, even you can install it yourself to save your finishing costs. Laminate hardwoord flooring for sale at affordable prices, ranging from $1 to over $2.97 per sq ft. Alternatively, you can install laminate tile and stone. For basement ceiling you can choose drywall ceiling or drop ceiling. If you want a cheap ceiling, choose a drop ceiling with foam panels and fluorescent lamps for lighting.

The selection of wall paint colors is influenced by the basement style. Generally, neutral paint colors is match with modern and contemporer basement style. The walls for rustic basement typically use a paint with natural color, even without paint. However, the use of wood is very dominant to represent the natural color and rustic nuance. The walls decoration is based on the basement function: whether for living room, children’s playground, storage, mini bar and other room function. Selection of the proper decoration is determined by the basement functions. The addition of furniture is based on the basement room types. If you want to make the basement as a storage place, then you can equipped with storage funiture including wall shelves or freestanding shelves. That are not too expensive and also you can save your money. However, if the basement is designed to be the living room, media room, living room, or a mini bar then you need more cost to buy the furniture.

Basement Finished Ideas On a Budget Design

Basement finish design is varies depends on the basement style and function. The basement style can be rustic basement with natural nuance, modern basement, contemporer basement, even futuristic basement. The design also had to adjust to the function of the basement. Basement finishing design should conform with those two things in order to create a basement dreams on a budget. We collect some basement finished ideas on a budget pictures, feel free to check it and hope you will get the ideas for your basement finish.

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