Baby Nursery Themes

Baby Nursery Themes

Baby nursery themes may vary widely which can confuse you when you want to determine the best theme for your baby nursery. There are many themes available, include animals images, flowers, wild animals, geometric, zoo, sports, transportation, toys, and famous cartoon characters. Themes with images of animals, including wild animals e.g birds, monkeys, bugs, bees, frog, zebra, cows, horses, lions, tigers and others. Themes with geometric figures (flat and space), for example: square, circle, triangle, trapezoid, pyramid, cylinder and cone. All of it decorated with the rainbow colors to give an attractive and beautiful look. Themes with the zoo picture including all animals inside the zoo. It will give more attractive and varied appearance. Themes with transportation vehicle images is also a good to be applied. The toys theme including various types of children’s toys depicted on the walls. The most commonly used is the famous cartoon character themes, for example: Princess, Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, and many others. Not only those theme, creative designers will design new themes in accordance with the development of toys and the latest kids cartoon characters.

Choosing the right Baby Nursery Themes

Then, how to choose the right theme for your baby nursery? Of course, there are some things you need to consider. First, the fundamental consideration is the gender, whether for : baby boy nursery themes, baby girl nursery themes and or you want a neutral nursery themes. The nursery theme for baby boys show not too varied in decorating, using neutral colors and masculine nuance. Meanwhile, baby girl nursery themes show the more decoration, using the bright colors that show the feminine impression such as: pink, white, purple and a rainbow color combinations.¬†We suggest you to choose theme based on the gender, it is much easier and shows the impression of your baby’s masculinity or femininity. If you prefer neutral nursery themes, as more in keeping with the room theme, it is also not a problem. Choose the best nursery themes for your baby!

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