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Axo Lighting offers modern lighting in creative design to be installed in all parts of the house, both for interior and exterior lighting. Axo lamp design is varied and unique, each has a characteristic fit the installation place : floor lighting, table, suspension, wall, ceiling, recessed and for the exterior lighting. Axo produce a lamp work with a more experienced or expert method to process materials. Materials used include: bamboo, fabric, crystal, ceramic, cast aluminum, metal and injected ABS.

Axo also offers lightecture lamp products for vast space lighting and avant-garde (energy-efficient lighting). A little about Axo Light, Axo Light is a global lighting company and leading from Italy which was established in 1996. Axo offer lamps with high quality materials in a modern and contemporary design featuring the elegance of a lamp. Axo light products are very innovative and dynamic style with exclusive Italian design. Axo Light headquarters is located in Italy, there is a global branches in the USA, Russia and China.

Axo Lighting Price

Axo light price would vary, depending on the type of Axo light. Axo Floor lighting on sale with prices starting at $673.20 for a sunshade floor lamp and the most expensive floor lamp is clavius ​​floor lamp priced at $3,355.20. Axo light for table offered from $529.20 for muse small table lamp, the most expensive for the table lamp is a skirt table lamp that sold for $ 1,312.20. Axo suspension lamp starting at $522.90 for spillray p suspension light with top products Avir 60-2 Pendant Light is priced at $12,990.60.

Axo wall light offered at a price of at least $283.50 for vasily wall sconce with top products Avir Wall Sconce is priced at $3,096. Axo ceiling light offered at a minimum price of $378 for spillray small ceiling light, the most expensive Axo ceiling light is Avir GR Ceiling Light is offered at $9,253.80. Axo light recessed sold at prices ranging $119 to $391. Axo outdoor light including aldus, asperitas, dia, fragmenta, landinus, picus, poggio, pontanus, sinus, sol and stellatus.

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