Aquatic Infinity Whirlpool

aquatic infinity whirlpool replacement parts

Aquatic Infinity Whirlpool will make your bath is not just get relaxation, but also offers hydrotherapy jets that offers all body therapy from this tub. This hydrotherapy therapy include: shiatsu back jets, rotary jets foot massage and full size pressure-flo hydrotherapy jets. In addition, all products are also designed with an inline heater, making it easier for you when you want to bathe with warm water. Moreover, there are many design options that all appear in modern design.

Just for single or double? Aquatic Infinity Whirlpool offered in a single design for one man and two men, both equipped with a neck cushion for massage therapy. Each product is offered with different specifications, more complete specification of what you want of course more expensive. Aquatic Infinity Whirlpool sold at prices starting at $1,749 without hydrotherapy jets. If you want hydrotherapy jets then you have to buy the aquatic whirlpool with a minimum price of $2,748.75 up to $9,656.26 for Aquatic Infinity Whirlpool with full relaxation and hydrotherapy service. Aquatic Infinity Whirlpool offers an absolute pleasure, relaxation and hydrotherapy. Combination of luxury features and quality construction that is able to create the most complete quality hydrotherapy bath.

Aquatic Whirlpool Infinity Series

Aquatic Infinity Whirlpool offered in a variety of series. Each series has different specifications and prices. Aquatic Whirlpool offers 8 Series, including: Infinity 2, Infinity 4, Infinity 5, Infinity 6, Infinity 7, Infinity 8 and Infinity 9. Each series has several models and there are more than 120 models to choose from. Each model is designed with the design, size and decoration varies for each consumer’s budget.

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