Apc Cork Flooring

apc cork floating floor reviews

APC Cork Flooring is one of the interior flooring product that offers many options include various unique patterns, designs, and natural color. APC Cork is also featured in varying finishes, available in: gloss finish, matte finish and also appeared in several varnish. Cork Flooring offers durability and the material is environmentally friendly and support sustainability. Cork flooring is also one of the best options with patterns and colors that at first glance resembles a granite or marble. Although, cork does not have such properties granite that are derived from honed natural stone. APC Cork is also easy in the installation process, you can install it without any installation services, just do it yourself. It means that APC Cork is more economical and can save your house renovation cost. Thus, there are two advantages of using APC Cork Flooring: the floor of your house look stylish and more cost-effective house renovation.

APC Cork Flooring Prices

There are many choices of patterns, colors and Cork Flooring finish. Each APC Cork also has different specifications, which makes it different in price. Prices vary per square foot, and of course it’s very affordable. APC Cork prices starting at $ 2.69 / sq. ft. to $ 6.69 / sq ft, there are some products which are more expensive up to $ 9.44 / sq ft. APC Cork is available in a variety of design options, including: Aphrodite Brown, Aphrodite Creme, Aphrodite Natural, Aphrodite Olive, Apollo Brown, Apollo Ebony, Apollo Creme, Apollo Natural, Athene Gray, Athene Natural, Athene Creme, Cronus Night, Cronus Natural, Hera, Herse Natural, Odysseus Natural, Odysseus Brown, Odysseus Creme, Odysseus White, Odysseus Night, Odysseus Polar, Titan Brown and Titan Natural.

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