Affordable Eco Friendly Prefab Homes

affordable eco friendly prefab homes

The trend is recently in the affordable prefab homes featuring eco friendly, and you could acquire this style of habitation from one of online store called Clayton House. This report will unveil the especially feature of the dwelling; mostly will disclose what aspects of this abode that can be shouted as affordable plus eco-friendly. A review said that this habitation fills entire the benchmark on the design of eco-friendly, nevertheless I guess we entail to look on details once more.

Affordable Eco Friendly Prefab Homes Overview

The eco dwelling here is standing in 750 square meters, and this inexpensive prefab domiciles featuring eco friendly price is just $75,000. In the trade, the prefab abodes are commonly tagged from $300,000 but here this fabulous design arrives only deficient than 1/3 of the market price. This house representative is said that the domicile can be obtained online with unabridged features that can be customized. This abode utilizes a modular design with a simple box as the main shape. These affordable price of prefab homes with eco friendly material are truly just one story but since the roof is in flat design, the rooftop can be operated as a deck or house patio.

The Details of Affordable Eco Friendly Prefab Homes

The design of prefab habitation featuring green or eco friendly with affordable price can be inspected from the LEED certification that is obtained for this design. This abode can save energy by installation of the solar panel also lessen the emission of carbon dioxide substance by having the bamboo flooring. This house achieved a platinum rating which is the highest in LEED award as these inexpensive eco friendly habitations prefabricated also utilize the wooden materials as the vital material in this dwelling.

The carbon dioxide substance emission can be diminished from the operate of the low-VOC materials also the high efficiency in heat pump, form this domicile actually eco-friendly. You could modify the design of this homestead which means also shifting the price by visiting the Clayton Homes site. So, please view more on this affordable prefabricated domicile with eco friendly feature.

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