Acorn Wreath Craft For Thanksgiving 2015

2015 acorns wreath craft ideas

Acorn Wreath become one element of wall decoration in the feasting of thanksgiving day. Maybe, one of you could purchase acorn online now with all needed element decor also the wreath as the base of acorn. Indeed, not all component must be purchased, you could keep the money by doing creative thing like using resources that available around your house. It is savings, buy what is not available around your home.

The wreath can be a floral wreath, straw or wooden wreath. This simple floral wreath can be handcrafted using branch of the plant that grow around your house. The straw wreath is a simple and light as base of acorn. Wooden wreath is solid and more heavy as base of acorns. The entire material of wreath can be beautiful and amazing look if done with creative people and seriously want make different sight of wreath for special thanksgiving feasting.

Before you stringing acorn, firstly cleanse all acorn with fresh water. Then dry and roast until it turns into a blackish color on the surface of acorns. Then you better firstly determine the design of the arrangement of acorns. The simple design pattern like diagonal, linear, wrap around or combined pattern. Then begin to glued it all till finished, the entire wreath surface covered by acorns. Aha, the acorns wreath craft almost finished, spray paint the acorn wreath surface or just leave it with natural roasted acorns color, garnish it with fresh flower then hang up on the door.

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